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Vaccination in pregnancy against pertussis and seasonal influenza: key learnings and components from high-performing vaccine programmes in three countries: the United Kingdom, the United States and Spain

Baïssas, T., Boisnard, F., Esteve, C. I., Sánchez, M. G., Jones, C. E., de Fougerolles, T. R., Tan, L., Vitoux, O., Klein, C.

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This paper analyzes the policy components that contribute to the programmatic success of flu and Tdap pregnancy vaccine programs in three high-income countries, including the United States. Key pillars to increased vaccination coverage include Health Authority accountability, facilitated patient access to vaccination, healthcare professional accountability and engagement, awareness of the burden and severity of diseases, and finally, belief in the benefits of pregnancy vaccination. In the US, given the higher diversity of stakeholders, a multi-stakeholder approach with calls to action from the CDC and endorsement from other scientific societies were key to uptake of vaccinations in pregnancy. It is recommended that maternal task forces reinforce these messages, disseminate toolkits, and that partners address barriers that stand in the way of vaccination, including ensuring that vaccination clinics are convenient for pregnant woman. Successful programs do not require implementation of all components; instead, public health experts should use these as components as guiding tools that can be refined depending on the specificities of the healthcare system in place.

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