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The Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering COVID-19 Dashboard: data collection process, challenges faced, and lessons learned

Dong, E., Ratcliff, J., Goyea, T.D., Katz, A., Lau, R., Ng, T.K., Garcia, B., Bolt, E., Prata, S., Zhang, D., Murray, R.C., Blake M.R., Du, H., Ganjkhanloo, F., Ahmadi, F., Williams, J., Choudhury, S., Gardner, L.M.

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Data Collection and Reporting

The Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard, which was launched one day after the first confirmed US COVID-19 case, provides an accessible means of viewing COVID-19 cases, deaths, recoveries, and vaccination rates globally. This report covers the data collection process and challenges faced while doing so, especially those related to pulling data from various sources. It offers ways for public health agencies to adapt their approaches for reporting data.

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