Practices that show potential to achieve desirable public health outcomes in a specific real-life setting and produce early results that are consistent with the objectives of the activities and thus indicate effectiveness.

The Impact of Operational Partnership on Telemental Health Before, During, and After COVID-19

Carper, T. L., Hunley, H. A., Myers, U. S., Chen, C. K., Birks, A. H., Williams, K. E., Lindsay, J. A., Weaver, K.

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This article describes the implementation of telemental health services within the Veterans Health Administration before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The article identifies strategies the VHA has used to reach hard to reach populations, including unhoused veterans and veterans living in rural communities, and outlines future goals to improve and expand access to telemental health services.

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People Experiencing Homelessness, People Living in Rural Areas, People With a Mental Illness

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