Practices that show potential to achieve desirable public health outcomes in a specific real-life setting and produce early results that are consistent with the objectives of the activities and thus indicate effectiveness.

Roundtable on Sharing and Utilizing Health Data for AI Applications

The Center for Open Data Enterprise

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The nonprofit Center for Open Data Enterprise and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) convened the Roundtable on Sharing and Utilizing Health Data for AI Applications in 2019. These discussions identified five high-level applications of AI in healthcare. First, AI automation tools can be utilized to improve clinician and administrative workflows and reduce the costs and administrative burden of manual data entry and billing processes. AI is also a valuable tool that can be used to connect patients with available health and social service resources, especially in rural areas. Researchers can use AI to inform and advance population health management by synthesizing data to tell clearer stories about the prevalence and incidence of different diseases. AI has the potential to be a revolutionary tool in the medical diagnosis space. Lastly, AI can aid in the development of new drugs throughout the entire cycle, from matching clinical trial participants to appropriate trials to contributing to precision medicine research. Importantly, the report emphasizes the dependence of all these promising AI applications on the widespread sharing of high-quality, clean, and accurate data.

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