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Rapid operationalization of a large-scale Covid-19 vaccination program in an integrated community health system

Venkatesan C., Vassallo M., Massiah-White M., Brittain A., Puhl J., Ardabell T., Sintich M., Younossi M., Motew S.

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This case study describes how Inova Health System in Northern Virginia developed and integrated a vaccination administration program, while simultaneously caring for patients hospitalized with COVID-19, and provides recommendations on how other health cares systems can integrate a vaccine program. Inova Health System created a Vaccination Implementation Team led by a triad of leaders in conjunction with established emergency management leaders and Inova’s COVID-19 Coordination Center to plan for the immediate delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine, once available. The guiding imperatives were to protect the safety of the vaccination team and vaccine recipients while offering vaccination for all eligible individuals. The initial work streams carried out by the team included: (1) process design, including space/geography, personnel, and vaccine handling; (2) prioritization and scheduling; and (3) communications. Inova’s Inclusion Council implemented strategies that facilitated culturally appropriate communication, identified ethnic and racial biases and fears, and promoted recommended and safe vaccination practices through an “inside-out” program.

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