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Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Intent to Obtain a COVID-19 Vaccine: A Nationally Representative United States Survey

María Nápoles, A., Stewart, A. L., Strassle, P. D., Quintero, S., Bonilla, J., Alhomsi, A., Santana-Ufret, V., Maldonada, A. I., Perez-Stable, P. E.

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The authors assessed intent to be vaccinated and concerns among members of seven U.S. racial and ethnic groups (1,000 Black, 500 American Indian/Alaska Native, 1,000 Asian, 1,000 Latino [500 English-speaking and 500 Spanish-speaking], 500 Pacific Islander, 500 multiracial, and 1,000 White adults) in the COVID-19′s Unequal Racial Burden (CURB) survey conducted December 2020-February 2021.

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Advancing Racial Equity

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Alaska Native, American Indian, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Latino, or Latinx

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