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Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance: Building Trust to Protect Nursing Home Staff and Residents

Feifer, R. A., Bethea L., White, E. M.

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This report discusses a series of interventions that Genesis HealthCare, one of the largest long-term care providers in the US, implemented in response to lower COVID-19 vaccination uptake among Hispanic and black Genesis staff members. The organization’s Vaccine Acceptance Steering Committee worked with their DEI Committee to develop a more comprehensive education strategy to improve vaccination acceptance among BIPOC staff that included offering vaccine information sessions at all times of the day and the night, inviting staff family members and friends to participate in these sessions, creating more multilingual educational materials, and featuring DEI Committee members in the organization’s social media campaigns. At the end of the one month intervention, statistically significant improvements in the likelihood of being vaccinated compared with white staff members increased for black and Hispanic employees.

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