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Psychological Support in a COVID-19 Hospital: A Community Case Study

Rizzi, D., Asperges, E., Rovati, A., Bigoni, F., Pistillo, E., Corsico, A., Mojoli, F., Perlini, S., & Bruno, R.

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The intervention outlined in this study took place at a hospital in Italy, and was designed to reduce or prevent provider burnout during the onset of the pandemic. The intervention included having six psychologists always present in the clinical setting to provide on-site as needed services to physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff. A PTSD short scale survey was also conducted to better understand the mental health needs of the providers in the hospital (such as psychosis, sleep problems, mania, suicidal ideation, and more). Providers noting mild to moderate symptoms were offered up to five sessions with a psychologist or psychotherapist.

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