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Pregnant women & vaccines against emerging epidemic threats: Ethics guidance for preparedness, research and response

Krubiner, B. C., Faden, R. R., Karron, R. A., Little, M. O., Lyerly, A. D., Abramson, J. S., Beigi, R. H., Cravioto, A. R., Durbin, A. P., Gellin, B. G., Gupta, S. B., Kaslow, D. C., Kochhar, S., Luna, F., Saenz, C., Sheffield, J. S., Tindana, P. O.

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Peer Review Study, Summary Report/Recommendations

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The guidance outlined in this report provides a roadmap for the ethical inclusion of pregnant women’s experiences in in the development and deployment of vaccines against emerging viruses. Recommendations include bolstering health information surveillance systems, stakeholder engagement with health care, women, families and communities, and changing the narrative about pregnancy and clinical research efforts. Recommendations require commitment of financial resources, addressing inequities in public health and whenever possible, the inclusion of perspectives of pregnant women. Lastly, the authors recommend that “When there is a limited supply of vaccine against a pathogenic threat that disproportionately affects pregnant women, their offspring, or both, or when only one vaccine among several is appropriate for use in pregnancy, then pregnant women should be among the priority groups to be offered the vaccine.” This prioritization process is key to addressing inequities and are guidance for future pandemic response efforts.

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