Practices that show potential to achieve desirable public health outcomes in a specific real-life setting and are in the process of generating evidence of effectiveness or may not yet be tested.

Leveraging Community Information Exchanges for Equitable and Inclusive Data: The CIE Data Equity Framework

211/CIE San Diego, California Children's Fund, and Health Leads

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The Community Information Exchange (CIE) Data Equity Framework’s goal is to build data systems to help institutions, and the communities they serve, approach CIE® planning and systems change work from a place of anti-racism by: (1) naming how data system design reflects understanding of and participation by the intended beneficiaries of current programs and interventions; (2) acknowledging and documenting the effects of a spectrum of data system design types on oppressed populations and communities; (3) identifying strategies needed to eliminate the harm of current processes and practices; (4) highlighting the behavior change needed to rebuild or change the overall data system to better meet community needs across racial and ethnic populations; and (5) adopting practices that promote restorative justice and mitigate harm and exploitation.

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