Practices that show evidence of effectiveness in improving public health outcomes in a specific real-life setting, as indicated by achievement of aims consistent with the objectives of the activities, and are suitable for adaptation by other communities.

Leveraging community engagement capacity to address COVID-19 disparities among Pacific Islander and Latinx Communities in Arkansas

McElfish,P.A., Cleek,A.B., Willis,D.E., Purvis, R.S., James, L.P.

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Peer Review Study

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In June 2020, Northwest Arkansas was a COVID-19 hotspot, with serious racial and ethnic disparities. Existing community-engaged partnerships utilized their collaborative capacity to address COVID-19 disparities in the Latinx and Pacific Islander communities. Eighteen key partners held weekly meetings and regular communication and developed four strategies: (1): health education (prevention, testing, quarantine, and follow-up care) and prevention (communication re: practices to reduce risk); (2) testing; (3) a dedicated contact tracing center with bilingual workers; (4) enhanced case management and supported quarantine.

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Advancing Racial Equity, Reduction of Health Disparities

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Hispanic, Latino, or Latinx, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

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