Practices that show evidence of effectiveness in improving public health outcomes in a specific real-life setting, as indicated by achievement of aims consistent with the objectives of the activities, and are suitable for adaptation by other communities.

High Uptake and Series Completion of COVID-19 Vaccine at Community-Based Vaccination for Latinos With Limited English Proficiency

Bigelow, B.F., Saxton, R.E., Martinez, D.A., Flores-Miller, A., Shin, J.M., Parent, C., Williams, S., Phillips, K.H., Yang, C. Page, K.R.

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Johns Hopkins Health System and Baltimore community organizations collaborated to establish a bilingual COVID-19 hotline and implement free COVID-19 testing. When a vaccine became available, partnerships made within these efforts were leveraged and the coalition partnered with the state. This community-based approach was effective at expanding access to the COVID-19 vaccine among low-income Latino immigrants.

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