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Health Equity Tourism: Ravaging the Justice Landscape

Lett, E., Adekunle, D., Mcmurray, P., Asabor, E.N., Irie, W., Simon, M.A., Hardeman, R., McLemore, M.R.

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This study discusses the rise of “health equity tourism,” the process of previously unengaged investigators pivoting into health equity research without developing the necessary scientific expertise for high-quality work. The authors explain the phenomenon and detail the conditions that facilitated its development. They also describe the consequences of health equity tourism – namely, recapitulating systems of inequity within the academy and the dilution of a landscape carefully curated by scholars who have demonstrated sustained commitments to equity research as a primary scientific discipline and praxis. Lastly, they provide a set of principles that can guide novice equity researchers to becoming community members rather than mere tourists of health equity.

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