Practices that show potential to achieve desirable public health outcomes in a specific real-life setting and are in the process of generating evidence of effectiveness or may not yet be tested.

He ‘A’ali’i KuMakani Mai Au: Developing a Cultural Framework for Advancing COVID-19 Related, Community Informed Health Policies

Kamaka, M.L., Freitas, S.M., Marshall, S.M., Walsh, M.E., Kamakawiwo'ole, S., Miller, J.M., Balaz,K., Vakalahi, H.

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The Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community experienced high COVID-19 case rates by April 2020, in addition to chronic diseases and socioeconomic disparities, so NHPI networks were mobilized to address the crisis, and a COVID-19 Response, Recovery and Resilience team was created. The team consists of multiple committees that examine policy; testing, contact tracing, and isolation; communications; social supports and resources; and data and research. This article discusses the development of a cultural framework to guide culturally informed advocacy efforts to ensure an appropriate response and recovery plan for NHPI that extends beyond COVID-19 to addressing longstanding NHPI disparities.

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Advancing Racial Equity, Partnership Building, Reduction of Health Disparities

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Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

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