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Eviction, Health Inequity, and the Spread of COVID-19: Housing Policy as a Primary Pandemic Mitigation Strategy

Benfer, E. A., Vlahov, D., Long, M. Y., Walker-Wells, E., Pottenger, J. L., Jr, Gonsalves, G., Keene, D. E

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This paper reviews pathways from evictions to COVID-19 transmissions and presents some of the policies related to eviction, such as eviction moratoria, that have been implemented in the US, including the CARES Act at the Federal level and research by the Eviction Lab comparing eviction policies in 25 cities. It reports the effects of offering eviction counsel to citizens at risk of eviction in New York City, the Michigan Eviction Diversion Program, and the expansion of Medicaid in some California counties through the Affordable Care Act. This paper also features a summary of policies related to eviction and their impact on COVID-19.

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