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Evaluation of a novel community-based COVID-19 ‘Test-to-Care’ model for low-income populations

Kerkhoff A. D., Sachdev D., Mizany S., Rojas S., Gandhi M., Peng J., Black D., Jones D., Rojas S., Jacobo J., Tulier-Laiwa V., Petersen M., Martinez J., Chamie G., Havlir D. V., Marquez C.

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This study is an evaluation of a community-based “Test-to-Care” model that was developed to address barriers for socioeconomically vulnerable Latinx individuals with newly diagnosed COVID-19 and their households. This “Test-to-Care” demonstration project was implemented in the Mission district of San Francisco, CA. It was developed with input from community members and public health leaders, with the key components including: 1) provision of COVID-19 related education and information about available community resources, 2) home deliveries of material goods to facilitate safe isolation and quarantine, and 3) longitudinal clinical and social support. The Test-to Care team consisted of healthcare providers and community health workers. The model was evaluated using the Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, Maintenance Framework. The evaluation of the model found that it is a feasible and acceptable intervention for supporting self-isolation and quarantine among newly diagnosed COVID-19 patients and their households by directly addressing key barriers faced by socioeconomically vulnerable populations.

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