Practices that show potential to achieve desirable public health outcomes in a specific real-life setting and produce early results that are consistent with the objectives of the activities and thus indicate effectiveness.

Community-academic partnerships to promote health literacy and address social needs among low-income families during COVID-19

Haider, A., Khoei, A., Alex, S.E, Blick, C., Lopez, E., Wendt, S., Ghanta, R., Almohamad, M., Cousins, S., Noyola, J., Tien, J., Markham, C., Sharma, S.

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This study examined a school-based health promotion program that partnered with academic institutions to engage medical and public health students to assist with resource discovery, development, and implementation at the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brighter Bites pivoted to collaborate with medical and public health institutions to improve health and food literacy. Brighter Bites was able to rapidly provide accurate, evidence-based information related to COVID-19, as well as other social needs including food, housing, transportation, and access to healthcare.

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