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Approaches for Overcoming Barriers to Cross-Sector Data Sharing

Walker, D.M., Hefner, J.L., DePuccio, M.J., Garner, J.A., Headings, A., Joseph, J.J., and Clark, A.

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This study from the American Journal of Managed Care identifies the main factors influencing the implementation and sustainability of cross-sector data sharing between a community-based organization and an academic medical center via a case study of the Mid-Ohio Farmacy (MOF) produce referral program. The MOF is a unique program developed by the Mid-Ohio Food Collective and Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) to provide food insecure patients who have a qualifying chronic condition with money to purchase produce from food pantries on a monthly basis. Researchers conducted a series of key informant interviews with OSUWMC and Mid-Ohio Food Collective representatives to characterize the challenges of data sharing between the academic medical center and the community-based organization. Challenges were grouped into three main buckets: data sharing regulations, data exchange capabilities, and cross sector data integration. Some keys findings from this paper include the need for clarification around HIPPA regulations for data exchange between covered and non-covered entities, the importance of incorporating social-risk data (such as a food security screening tool) into the electronic health record, and the need for additional research and guidance around how to create fully integrated shared databases between health care and social service agencies.

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