Practices that show potential to achieve desirable public health outcomes in a specific real-life setting and produce early results that are consistent with the objectives of the activities and thus indicate effectiveness.

Advancing child health and educational equity during the COVID-19 pandemic through science and advocacy

Gur, Arie, R., Johnson, S., Collins, M.

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This article parallels the works of the multidisciplinary academic group on children and coronavirus (MACC) in Israel with a multidisciplinary team from John Hopkins’ own efforts to create data-driven solutions to minimize health and education inequities for children throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This project produced several outputs including a series of free, web-based, school-reopening modules for school and district administrators; a 2020-2021 School Reopening Tracker based on publicly available data sources; a Teacher & School Staff Vaccination COVID-19 Dashboard; and a COVID-19 Global Education Recovery Tracker. Links to all these resources are included in the article.

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