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Actual Racial/Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19 Mortality for the Non-Hispanic Black Compared to Non-Hispanic White Population in 353 US Counties and Their Associations with Structural Racism

Siegel, M., Critchfield-Jain, I., Boykin, M., Owens, A., Nunn, T. Muratore, R.

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In this paper, the authors quantify the racial/ethnic disparities in COVID-19 mortality between the non-Hispanic Black and non-Hispanic White populations at the county level by estimating age-adjusted, race-specific death rates. The authors explore the relationships between five different measures of structural racism and the magnitude of the observed racial disparities in COVID-19 mortality rates across counties. This research advances the existing literature by (1) quantifying racial disparities in COVID-19 mortality at the county level; (2) presenting age-adjusted estimates of race-specific COVID-19 death rates at the county level; and (3) exploring the potential role of a variety of measures of structural racism in explaining differences in the magnitude of the observed racial disparities in COVID-19 mortality across counties.

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