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Action on the social determinants for advancing health equity in the time of COVID-19: perspectives of actors engaged in a WHO Speical Initative

Solar, O., Valentine, N., Castedo, A., Brandt, G., Sathyandran, J., Ahmed, Z., Cheh, P., Callon E., Porritt, F., Espinosa, I., Fortune, K., Kubota, S., Elliott, E., David, A., Bigdeli, M., Hachri, H., Bodenmann, P., Morisod, K., Biehl, M., Nambiar, D., Williams, C., Allen, J., Goldblatt, P.

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The article discusses a World Health Organization (WHO) Special Initiative focused on reducing health inequities through action on the social determinants of health in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Initiative aims to develop models and practices that can be adopted by WHO offices and UN staff to advance health equity. The article notes the importance of addressing structural determinants of health equity, such as institutional rules, policies, culture, and values, and highlights the need for multisectoral action. The Initiative focuses on strengthening knowledge and narratives, promoting action in Pathfinder countries, and enhancing networks of policy champions, academics, health workers, and communities. The strategic actions include strengthening knowledge, supporting community participation, and promoting collaboration for addressing structural determinants of health equity. Themes for action include as reducing precariousness in informal economy employment, improving income and food security, ensuring adequate housing and social services, and guaranteeing employment and sick leave.

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